The stable of Psychiatric Services under Singapore Anglican Community Services comprises of:

Hougang Care Centre and Simei Care Centre provide residential and day rehabilitation services for people recovering from mental health issues. These 2 centres aim to help clients reintegrate into society through counselling, independent living, practical life skills training, job training and job placement.

Community Rehabilitation and Support Services (CRSS) which serves the community through mobile teams of professionals who provide counselling, training and support to persons with psychiatric disabilities and their caregivers at their place of residence.  Currently, CRSS operate out of 3 centres located at Bukit Batok, Yishun and Pasir Ris. CRSS also engages in outreach projects through public talks to raise awareness and to de-stigmatise mental illness.

Employment Support Services (ESS) which provide employment placement services and training to help persons recovering from mental health issues seek sustained employment in the competitive job market. The support provided by the ESS staff is maintained throughout the entire employment process, from search, application, hiring, to the sustainability of the job. ESS also supports employers who employ their clients.

Social Enterprises were developed to provide SACS’ clients a means to earn an allowance, be trained in certain skills and to learn how to cope and adapt in a work environment. There are three enterprises:

  • Something Old Something New is a thrift shop which provide training and employment opportunities to persons recovering with mental health issues. They will be trained and equipped with retail and logistic skills to boost their employability, while at the same time support the “green” initiative through efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Mother and Child Project (MnCP) provides retail training and home-based sewing work to disadvantaged women, single mothers and women recovering from mental health issues, and help them become economically self-sufficient through innovative product creation, and competency in retail skills so that they can reintegrate well into the community.
  • Members’ Own Social Enterprises (MOSES) is a platform when persons with mental health issues can showcase their own products and talents to the community. It operates a sheltered workshop which provides production jobs and processes to improve the competencies or skills of its members

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