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2016 marks 30 years of Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS) providing holistic psychiatric services to the community, regardless of ethnicity or creed. Formerly known as the Singapore Anglican Welfare Council, the ministry started in 1967 with a simple step of Faith, sowing Hope among the needy and destitute and bringing the Love of God to the community. In 1986, SACS started a day care sheltered workshop, which provided skills training and job opportunities for person with mental health issues, with less 10 staff.

Through the last 30 years, the works of SACS had been blessed greatly and had grown to a strength of more than 150 staff providing a continuum care for more than 2,000 person with mental health issues annually through its stable of services.

Even as SACS continued to grow steadily in the number of clients served, it strived to benchmark its services against international standard and was awarded the three-year CARF accreditation for the third time. CARF accreditation is a demonstration of accountability and conformance to internationally accepted standards that promote excellence in health and human service programmes. SACS was the first Asian health organization to receive the accreditation in 2009.

“Small Step, Great Journey”, is the tagline to celebrate SACS’s Psychiatric Services 30th Anniversary. It resonates with the many small steps taken by different individuals, pioneers of SACS and staff over the course of 30 years, to not only build SACS’ Psychiatric Services into one of the leading provider in the mental health care industry, but most importantly, helped many persons with mental health issues by giving them support, hope and love on their journey of recovery.

“Our Footprints” is a collection of hope and inspiring journeys of recovery. It is not a lonesome battle for people with mental health issues. With a determined and willing heart, paired with not one, but many helping hands, makes their recovery, not just a hope but a reality.

Going forward SACS strives to continue growing and excelling in its comprehensive fleet of psychiatric rehabilitation services to serve the needs of persons with mental health issues and help them to integrate back into the community.

For more information about SACS Psychiatric Services, please visit http://sacs.org.sg/.