Be An Overcomer

I was admitted to the hospital in 2007 due to my mental health issue. Since then, I have been compliant with my medications and go regularly to my doctor’s appointment. I was then referred to Simei Care Centre (SCC) Day Rehabilitation Services.

In the beginning, I was not receptive to joining the Day Rehabilitation Services. I preferred to stay in the comfort of my home. Thus, I did not actively participate in the programmes and activities. However, as I spent more time in SCC with my fellow peers, case managers and counsellor, I started to grow to like SCC. They were very helpful and supportive. They never failed to cheer me up or encourage me. Slowly, I began to join in the various programmes at SCC.

This year, my involvement at SCC gradually increased, especially in joining the psycho-education and rehabilitation training programmes, peer group sessions and activities at the YES Club, which helped to control my moods and I had fewer outbursts since then. I also started to work in the Rehabilitation Workshop, doing simple administration work.

Through all the activities and programmes, I overcame my shyness. Now I am able to sing and perform, not just in a group, but also solo in front of audiences. I have become more receptive to the suggestions and ideas offered by my peers and counesllors with regards to my hostile behavior and I am willing to change for the better.  This has helped to improve my social skills and my way of interacting with people, thus making more friends in SCC.  I have also started to helping other members, staff in SCC and volunteering at the Orange Valley Nursing Home to serve the elderly with the YES Club members.

I am currently equipping myself with job skills. I wish I can find a job soon, contribute to my family and build myself a better life.


Joanna – A member of Simei Care Centre


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