A Blessing To Bless

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” Proverbs 11:25

Volunteering at Simei Care Centre (SCC) had been a regular activity for our agency, DNA Financial – Manulife (S) Pte Ltd, since May 2013. Working towards our vision to be a progressive God-fearing, funding, financial and ministry centre, we believe in reaching out to our colleagues, clients and communities.

Community involvement is a noble and godly decision for our agency. We know we are taking the right path as since my team of financial planners started volunteering at SCC, they learnt to appreciate the beauty of life and became more thankful for the things they were blessed with. Volunteering as an agency also built up the team synergy.

Initially, our involvement was a weekly affair where I would share a passage from the scriptures with the members from SCC, follow with a group discussion on the learnings from the passage. My team and I will lead them into the discussion, encourage them to share their experience and pray with them. This went on for about 2 years. During special occasions like Easter and Christmas, we will plan parties with food, games and gifts, which the members always look forward to with joy. Over the years, though our work commitment had increased, we did not forget our vision of reaching out to the needy. We still want to volunteer amidst our busy schedule and that is what we are doing now, on a monthly basis.

As a director, it blessed my heart greatly seeing how my team use the fullness of their gifts and talents to care, encourage and love the community. Our efforts paid off as the members from SCC began to open up their lives to us. We had not only built a relationship with them, but also given them a safe haven where they can freely confide in us and pray together.

There is one member who would often approach me and ask me to pray for her. She had an estranged relationship with her daughters and had not seen them for years. Her only wish is to have her daughters to visit her one day. It broke my heart upon hearing her story. It suddenly dawned on me that what seems to be a normal privilege for many of us, may not be so for some others. Many a time, we tend to take our loved ones for granted and not treasuring what is in our life. One day, the member shared with us excitedly that her prayer was answered – her daughters and family were visiting her again at SCC! What a joy!

SCC is definitely a place which I would highly recommend to persons with mental health issues who need a place of rehabilitation, shelter and help. The staff, counsellors and chaplaincy team are helpful, caring and serving the members beyond their call of duty.

Volunteering in SCC and serving the members has enriched my life in many ways. It is heart-warming and fulfilling to see how far the members have come on their journey to recovery and to realise that our little regular time can bring home and comfort to them. Each time we visit SCC, we feel we are going back to our old friends. Volunteering is not just helping others, you are also helping yourself because volunteering is a very rewarding experience.


Doris Ng – A volunteer at Simei Care Centre



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