Looking On The Bright Side

I started joining Employment Support Services (ESS) since 14 October 2014. Faithfully, I went through the Employment Training Course – Preparing You For Employment and Community Integration. After my graduation from the course, I managed to secure a job as a housekeeper. I worked five hours a day and 5 working day per week. I strived to work hard at my job and always report to work on time. I hold this job for a year, earning steady and regular income. This was a remarkable improvement from his past work history and financial problems.

Staying motivated boosted my mental health condition. I tried to stay physically active by cycling to and fro work. During my off-days, I would explore various walking trails at East Coast Park and Coney Island. Sometime, my peers would join me too. I also participated in all the activities and events organised by the ESS Peer Support Committee, which kept me positive and relax. Through these enjoyable activities, I hope to improve my communication and social skills, as well as keeping myself mentally alert.

At one stage of my life, I was faced with a housing need, on top of my mental health issue. I tried many resources, seeking help. Finally, I was referred into Simei Care Centre (SCC) residential rehabilitation services. In the past, I was never comfortable with crowd and always kept to myself. However in SCC, I opened up slowly and made new friends and enjoyed watching movie and having meals together with them. My counsellor and Occupational Therapist encouraged me and gave me a lot of support through the period. I attended various programmes such as Computer and Grooming classes. Although there are times where the classes were confusing and stressful, I did not give up and continue to attend the classes diligently.

My happiest achievement through my recovery journey was my very first overseas trip. It was my first time taking the plane and I am planning a visit to my parents in Brunei. I am looking forward to a time of family bonding, sightseeing and learning about the culture there. I cannot wait to don my long sleeve shirt on board the flight.

Apart from the trip, I am also forward to being able to share a rental flat with my friend from SCC. My dream is to be able to own a flat in the near future and I believe as long as I persevere, the dream will be realised.


Ishak – A member of Simei Care Centre


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